Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra
Classical Concert Chamber OrchestraOrchestra managed by ATCMI Inc.

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The Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra is a compact and versatile thirty-five-member ensemble made up of highly accomplished musicians from both the United States and Europe. The composition of this ensemble gives a new and different take on the classical concert experience. In an effort to both reproduce and recreate the form and sound of a traditional chamber orchestra, Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra’s ensemble of virtuoso musicians works closely to achieve Tigranyan’s personal vision and is modeled after chamber orchestras of the Baroque and Classical eras. The orchestra works within the original Baroque configurations, however, instead of having a separate conductor, it is instead lead by its Founder, Music Director and Soloist, Ashot Tigranyan….

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Los Angeles Sinfonietta
Los Angeles SinfoniettaOrchestra managed by ATCMI Inc.
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